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Immortals of New Orleans (Books 8-11)

Author: Kym Grosso
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Captivating paranormal romance from NYT & USA Today best-selling author Kym Grosso. Vampire & shifter romance, each with their own happily ever after. JAKE (IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANS BOOK 8), QUINTUS (IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANS BOOK 9), HUNTER (IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANS BOOK 10) and QUINTUS (IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANS BOOK 9)


Captivating paranormal romance from NYT & USA Today best-selling author Kym Grosso. FOUR vampire & shifter romance books, each with their own happily ever after.JAKE (IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANS BOOK 8) With Alpha blood coursing through his veins, Jake Louvière can no longer deny his true nature. When a mysterious woman trespasses into the bayou, Jake is wary of the creature that is not wolf. As quickly as she appears, the dangerous beauty is kidnapped by a powerful New York vampire, and Jake swears retribution against an old adversary. For centuries, Kai Beckett concealed her true identity from those who would steal her ancient powers. Risking everything to save her sister, she searches for the Alpha who’d left San Diego to return to his Cajun roots. Jake, a mate worthy of her spirit, seeks to tame her wild nature but she is not one to easily submit.QUINTUS (IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANS BOOK 9) Powerful vampire, Quintus Tullius, returns to New Orleans after a demon attacks. Elusive and lethal, he conceals his true powers from all others, wielding his strength over the centuries as he sees fit. When he’s healed by an attractive stranger, he quickly realizes her altruistic actions are driven by more than kindness, and she is not who she appears to be. Gabriella Savoie has been on the run since she was a child. Determined to survive, she practices a unique blend of magick to hide from the coven who seeks her death. Drawn to the one person who can save her, she spirals into a journey, exploring her hidden fantasies within the arms of the seductive vampire.HUNTER (IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANS BOOK 10) Hunter Livingston’s trip to Hell had been a calculated risk. Best case scenario, the Alpha would save a friend and come out unscathed; at worst, he’d burn in flames for eternity. But finding the high priestess had never been part of his plan, nor was rescuing the near-dead stranger he’d found lying by her side. Drawn to the mysterious woman, he’d sworn to protect her from the rogue pack who sold her into Hell and the demon who sought her soul. With royal blood flowing through her veins, Dr. Willa Jacobs had long hidden her Lycan heritage. Rescued by the charismatic Alpha, she’d known her kidnappers would never give up looking for her or her research. As the dominant Alpha stirred her beast to rise, she was more determined than ever to see her adversaries burn in Hell.CHRISTMAS EMBRACE (IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANS BOOK 11) Joyeux Noël A supernatural wedding brings everyone together during the holidays. But it doesn’t feel like Christmas for Detective Sydney Willows. She finds solace in the arms of her sexy vampire but with a fragile heart, not quite mended, she’s afraid to commit to an eternity. Vampire Kade Issacson never expected to have a baby but soon realizes what’s been missing in his life. Vowing to protect the boy, Kade fights for him, swearing he’ll never give him back again. Falling in love. Second chances. Find out who’s naughty and nice as the Immortals of New Orleans conjure up Christmas magic.MORE BOOKS BY KYM GROSSO:THE IMMORTALS OF NEW ORLEANSKade’s Dark EmbraceLuca’s Magic EmbraceTristan’s Lyceum WolvesLogan’s Acadian WolvesLéopold’s Wicked EmbraceDimitriLost EmbraceJaxJakeQuintusHunterChristmas EmbraceViktorJulianCLUB ALTURA ROMANCE:Carnal RiskWicked RushSolstice BurnHard AssetRiptideWITCHES OF WILLISTOWN:Second Chance Hex

About Kym Grosso

Kym Grosso is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the erotic romance series, The Immortals of New Orleans and Club Altura. In addition to romance, Kym has written and published several articles about autism, and is a contributing essay author in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum.Kym loves traveling just about anywhere that has a beach or snow-covered mountains. New Orleans, with its rich culture, history and unique cuisine, is one of her favorite places to visit.

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