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Fragments of Me

Author: Drew Duncan
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A story of abuse and domestic violence, and the victim’s battle to overcome it. More


Josh Shaw knows only too well how cruel life can be.Abandoned as a child, abused as a teen, he’s seen more than his fair share of hardship. That is, until his life at last turns a corner and finally things seem to change.Josh is safe, secure and can at long last dare to make plans for his future; making friends, going to college, meeting his first love. Everything seems to finally be going his way, but there are storm clouds on the horizon.Love turns to poison, and what starts with harsh words and mean comments eventually culminates in a series of events that destroy Josh and his trust in the world.Can Josh learn to rebuild his life again? Can friendship be the lifeline he needs to pull together the fragments of his broken self or is he destined to be a shattered shell forever? ***Fragments of Me is a glimpse into the darkness that is domestic violence and sexual assault, as told from the survivor/victim’s point of view. It shows how such a situation can develop, and the aftermath, but ultimately tries to portray that there is hope. It contains content that some readers may find triggering.

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Drew Duncan


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