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Finding Majik amongst the chaos of trauma

Author: kelli willer
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Ana’s scents are on full alert as the memories of her childhood invade her present life. She knows she needs to do this no matter what the cost. The cost in not doing so is so much higher. As the legal process is set in motion her family life crumbles along with her physicality. A diagnosis of breast cancer adding to the overwhelming load she is now carrying.



This book is written from lived experience. It is the story of one woman’s journey through the pitfalls, isolation, and invisibility of complex trauma. Not only navigating the confinements, complexities, and problematic terminology of the judicial system, but also manoeuvring amongst the effluence of a crumbling family structure and the diagnosis of breast cancer. Our protagonist finds sanctuary, sanity, and safety amongst the majik of Mother Nature, friendships and creativity whilst learning compassion for self.The aim of this book is to offer insight to those who may be questioning their stability amongst the chaos of trauma. How through simple, obtainable, low-cost, proven methods of healing, the process of personal integrity and identity is revealed.pages 537

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kelli willer


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