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Author: Heinz Ebser
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This is the story of Heinz and his journey through life. His travels will take him to five continents. Eventually settling in his dream destination Australia, he describes locations and everyday life in his new country. Work will take him to more locations around Australia and South East Asia, but personal problems make his life a misery. Finally, fate will take him to a new start in Thailand.


A down to earth and humble account of the author’s experiences from simple beginnings to extraordinary outcomes. These are not pretentious stories of adrenaline fueled adventure but candid reflections on life’s unexpected twists and turns including many very honest and personal insights. There are moments of enviable good fortune and there are moments of frustration and disappointment. In recounting his travels, Heinz Ebser provides interesting cultural anecdotes and delightful tales of exotic places I’d love to visit. Along the way it also describes some destinations I’d perhaps now prefer to avoid. As an Australian it was enlightening to catch some glimpses from the perspective of an immigrant arriving in my country. The pace is good without getting too carried away with any particular detail and there’s always another interesting yarn around the corner. Most of all I find it an intriguing window into the past and a fascinating snapshot of social history. I recommend it highly.Rob, South Australia October 2019

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