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Delta Remediation 2022 Highlights

Author: Azizur Rahman

DELTA Remediation is a premier provider of ex-situ and in-situ hydrocarbon bioremediation solutions through proven scientific technology.


We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to try to improve the condition of the earth and to leave things better than we found them.We know that landfills and deep well injection are not sustainable methods of contaminant removal and are in fact only contaminant relocation.As champions for the environment, we are proud to offer responsible, safe, sustainable solutions, which eliminate hydrocarbon contamination from soil and water.Delta Remediation has grown to become a worldwide leader in the area of bioremediation. Through its proprietary remediation technology (BioLogix) and additional innovative solutions (ScreenLogix Rapid TPH Test), Delta Remediation is proud to provide industry-leading bioremediation solutions to meet your site’s needs. BioLogix is NCP and DSL approved and can be shipped worldwide as it is a non-controlled substance.Visit for more: https://deltaremediation.com/

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Azizur Rahman


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