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Cybernetic Hope

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Cybernetic Hope es la traducción de la novela original llamada Cibernética esperanza, espero sea del agrado de los angloparlantes.


Writing a book is a silent and solitary act, and when you write auto-fiction, a living fiction of a reality that takes you to the total immersion of your life experience. This book is written from the dizzying test that destiny holds for us. When flashes and flash-backs fade into a time of daily peace and you remember everything that kept you alive, even if deplorable and miserable, has its reward facing you with the truth that befalls us. This book is a brief sequel in sequences and consequences that do not leave you feeling indifferent. It is a sometimes frantic, sometimes is a reflective exercise, and sometimes it is a song of hope. Cybernetic Hope is the union of two parts, of two books published by me previously. Although you can read each book separately, in this book you can read with a continuity carried out as I thought convenient. Both have the same core as a scenario that is the network of networks, or the World Wide Web. The Internet is the means by which many loves will converge, the heartbreak, the vision to the world that surrounds us, and a faithful mirror of the world that envelops us. The Internet is the present and future life. It has revolutionized the foundation of many things that we took for granted and have taken an innovative character. Internet passes economic blockades, reciprocal cultural exchanges, has made the world a new Pangea. It has joined continents, united races, continents, nationalities, and all that that entails. The Mixture is the future. Appropriation is the order of the day. The culture has been devalued. Now we are all artists, we are writers, we can be what we want, or what they let us be. When you read this unique novel I do not want you to believe that it is the novel of a drug addict, more a loser than a person outside of the normal law and their sweetened happiness, I mean, an outsider. This novel talks about drugs but does not advocate these, it is a criticism, it is a chronicle of late postmodernity. It is pure hope.

About Cecilio Olivero Muñoz, Sr

Nombre, apellidos y actividad: Cecilio Olivero Muñoz-PoetaAlias: Capplannetta Lugar y fecha de nacimiento: Sabadell, Barcelona del 30 de abril de 1974Libros publicados: El Grito del Arlequín (1999) ED. Amarantos; Rima-Pop (cancionero) (2018) ED. Senzala; Media foto de los dos (2018) ED. Senzala; Cibernética Esperanza (2019) ED. Avant; cibernética esperanza (2021) aumentada y corregida, ED. Vitruvio; , Poemas de Nocturnidad (2020) ED. Vitruvio.obra gráfica: Cuaderno de Píxel (2018) Lioolimixturas. ED. Senzala .obra de dominio público: Infancia Nocilla (2008) PDF, No me lo creo o no quiero creerlo (2009) PDF; Poemas de asfalto y velocidad (2010) PDF; Mitómano (show) (2010) PDF; Vivir mientras tanto (2010) PDF; Purpurina (2011) PDF.

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Cecilio Olivero Muñoz, Sr


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