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Christian Views Embracing LGBTQIA+

Author: Dennis King
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Too few Christians embrace gays with open arms and hearts. But also, too many gays seethe and release their anger on anyone is not willing to endorse their dissenting lifestyles. Christians should pray for all. Do you think Christian forgiveness should validate the 90s GLBT movement, or LGBT designations modified at the turn of this century, or currently trending ‘LGBTQIA+’ community designations?


Many people believe that there are few Christians willing to embrace gays with open arms and hearts as we should. But also, too many gays seethe and release their anger on anyone is not willing to endorse or affirm their dissenting lifestyles. But as Christians, we should, and pray for them, as well.However, as an entirely different consideration, if you think, by any type of Christian forgiveness standards, we should be required to validate your ‘GLBT movements of the 1990s,’ or the modified ‘LGBT identifications at the turn of this century, or your currently trending ‘LGBTQIA+’ community designations, you are mistaken.

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