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Altered Lives

Author: Gerald L. Guy
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On his twenty-fifth birthday, adopted son Matthew Brownlee learns his biological family was bludgeoned to death in a small Ohio town when he was only an infant. Joined by his sister, Betsy, he returns to the scene of the crime in search of the killer of a family he never knew. The pair wade through mountains of evidence to uncover neighborhood secrets that might lead to a suspect.


On his 25th birthday, adoptee Matthew Brownlee learns his biological family was murdered on Halloween 1981. He heads to Ohio in search of answers in a cold case that is twenty-five years old but not forgotten.On his twenty-fifth birthday, Georgian Matthew Brownlee is informed by his adoptive mother that he had been misled about the sudden death of his biological parents. They were murdered on Halloween in 1981. After being informed of a massive inheritance, Matt requests and is granted his discharge from the U.S. Army and heads to Ohio with his sister Betsy in search of the killer or killers of a family he never knew.In 2006, newcomers to the tiny community of Kinkaid OH make tongues wag. When activity stirs around the home at 69 Oak Hill Drive — the site of the grisly murders — the sleeping community awakens.Can Matt use his Army Ranger training to breathe new life into the cold case? What secrets are neighbors hiding? How many more lives will be altered in his quest for justice?

About Gerald L. Guy

Gerald L. Guy is a former newspaper editor who is retired and living in Palm Coast, FL. He works as a freelance writer and independent author. He has published more than twenty novels and dozens of short stories, all fiction and in a wide range of genre. For more information about his works, go to his website — www.storiesbyguy.com.

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Gerald L. Guy


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