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A Noble Deed

Author: Peter Mallon
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Trapped between British Embassy red and a rogue covert element. His life and the lives of those depending on him will determine what Doyle does next.


‘CLOSE ENOUGH TO SEE THEM SWEAT WAS TOO CLOSE.’Operating in the second most dangerous place on the planet outside of Iraq; his orders take him to the dark, unescapable alleyways of Kabul to negotiate with the same people, whose sole mission every other day of the week is to kill him and his team.Arriving in Helmand he becomes aware of an all-persuasive; powerful enemy that is hell-bent on completing the mission, whatever the cost.Doyle realises he has less than twenty-four hours to devise and execute a plan that if he’s lucky; will save not only his own life but the lives of those depending on him.

About Peter Mallon

The youngest of two sisters and one brother, he spent his early years in a small town on the west coast of Scotland. A youth opportunity program introduced him into his working life as a painter & decorator, then store man, before serving a very short period as an apprentice welder, while trying to make it as a professional footballer.After serving thirteen years in the British Armed Forces; he re-qualified as a business manager. Shortly afterwards, he moved into the private security sector where he consulted as a security advisor across four continents. These days he travels the Mexican coastline, coaching Calisthenics and working on books three and four of the CALLI DOYLE SERIES.

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Peter Mallon


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