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A Journey to the Rocky Isle

Author: Jim Athanas
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Join the adventures of creatures in a fictional world whose stories revolve about the generator of superpower, the Crown that used to belong to the King of the ancient world!

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Driven by his dreams, Arazan, the Elder of the People of Men, makes an adventurous journey to meet Kuthlazun the Disgraced at the Rocky Isle. Amkos, a Sandlian general, is his company as they overcome several obstacles to comprehend the Evil’s plan for dominion upon the five Kins of the Continent. The key to all that is the Crown of Palrad, a Monotan past-ruler of the ancient world, and the power it gives to the one bearing it. During this perilous journey, several societal fights and a battle takes place between the traders and the army due to an elopement, while a poor parentless man is imprisoned by Giants of the Ring Mountains in his effort to rescue a family. All these events run around the mystery of the Crown of Palrad and the myth that follows it.Who will manage to find the Crown first and relinquish the omnipotence that it transmits? Will the Kins cooperate and seize their fights for the common good? Will the classes of society disregard their differences and hateful past in order for their Kin to keep existing?What to expect from this epic fantasy book series is adventure, romance, humor and conspiracy, all wrapped around a story of evil domination that the reader can easily comprehend as well as be entertained and carried away by it. There is a whole new world unravelling in those pages, a world with fictitious Kins organized according to Plato’s Republic.The books’ mainstay? That’s simple: change. Today the need for a change in the world is more clear than ever. Social inequality, environmental destruction, human relationships and many other, warrant a change. It is within the healthy boundaries of fantasy that one can explore the reasons and direction of that change. Following the adventures of real characters and the way they naturally evolve through the strife of living life against world menaces, the reader’s mind will travel in places that he/she never thought they exist. The realization that a fantasy story can bring actual emotions, will lead the reader to consider how life should be, instead of putting up with how it is now. Stories are not real, but at least they are not lies.

About Jim Athanas

I’m a neurophysiotherapist and I work in my own private practice in Greece after doing my MSc at Keele University, UK. My passions are: writing and playing songs on my piano/guitar/ukulele, reading books and watching documentaries/TV Series. I have published the series: ”The Crown of Palrad” as well as the short stories “The pole” and “Talking to the bush”.

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Jim Athanas


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