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The Shaker of Worlds

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Oliver a gunslinger from Purgatory, must rescue a family of telepaths who are key to to the end of days. Enter a world of auras telekinesis, insanity and heart stopping terror.


Oliver, a gunslinger from Purgatory, must rescue a family of telepaths who are key to the end of days.Enter a world of auras, telekinesis, insanity and heart stopping terror.Margret Stewart’s family has been ripped apart by a secret government experiment which gave them telekinetic powers. This experiment’s success has drawn the attention not only of powerful government forces who want to capture, imprison and use them for their own purposes, but also supernatural powers that see the family as a vital link in the war between good and evil. It is written that they will have a child who will be The Shaker of Worlds. In a chilling and horrifying story that moves between Earth and Purgatory, the family is hunted by a secret government agency called the Gray Department, as well as dangerous supernatural forces sent to kill or seduce them. The fugitives find themselves at the center of the ultimate struggle between the forces of good and evil.

About Karl A. D. Brown

Karl A.D. Brown lives in the Upstate New York area. He is married with a lovely wife and two children. He loves the cities and towns of Upstate New York, and they will feature a lot in his stories. He has been writing for a long time, but has recently decided to take the next step and have a little fun with it by sharing with everyone. He enjoys writing stories that involve the supernatural or dystopian societies.Visit his author website: http://www.karladbrownauthor.com/Or follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest informatIon.

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Karl A. D. Brown


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