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The Shadow Jubilee

Author: Jared Millet
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After fifteen years of exile, Kite returns to her homeworld, where an ancient evil secretly waits to use her as a means of escape from its prison. Kite’s mind can see across reaches of space, a skill she employs to navigate her starship to the planet of her birth, not knowing that her home drifts in the shadow of a vast and sinister alien god—one that’s ensnared her own brother in its clutches.


After years of exile, Kite finds her way home, where an ancient evil secretly waits to use her as a means to escape from its prison.Kite was abandoned at an early age, sent away from her home into the wilds of the galaxy. Fifteen years later, she returns to seek her family, longing for answers to who and what she is.The reason—Kite’s brain works like no one else’s. Her thoughts can peer across reaches of space, a skill she employs as a starship navigator. However, her divergent nervous system rejects the cybernetic implants she would need in order to use any computerized tech. In the vast web of galactic civilization, she can’t so much as open a door without someone else’s assistance. Kite can only fend for herself on low-tech planets such as her birthplace, New Bretagne—a lonely water world drifting in the shadow of a nebula known as Le Voile.Kite’s brother Merlin has grown up in that shadow as a member of a cult that worships Le Voile as a god. Or rather, they worship the alien Mind imprisoned on the dead neutron star at its heart. Emil Bellat, the leader of the cult, has groomed Merlin from childhood to free their alien master, for whereas Kite can see through the vastness of space, Merlin can reach across great leagues of time. Bellat wants to use the power of Merlin’s visions to slip the Mind of Le Voile from its prison.But Merlin has plans of his own. He’s seen the future Bellat would bring about—one in which Le Voile destroys New Bretagne before raging across the stars. Merlin means to wrest control of the cult for himself, but his plans don’t account for Kite’s return or the fact that once Bellat knows who she is, he’ll want to use her as a vessel for his god.

About Jared Millet

Jared Millet spent over twenty years as a librarian before leaving the public sector to write full time. His work has appeared in multiple magazines and anthologies, with even more stories to come. His travel writing, including tales of ten months circumnavigating South America, can be found online at TheEscapeHatch.net.

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Jared Millet


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