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The Paths that Wind

Author: Lisa Arquette
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Gabe and Gabriel were destined … Melissa was destined … Maria was destined … Melody was destined


Gabe and Gabriel were destined …To be conceived on the same dayTo be born on the same dayTo share the same nameTo meet at college in their pursuit of Computer Science degreesTo find out they were half-brothers on the same dayTo hold their first lovers and to conceive children on the same dayTo be husbands to twin sistersMelissa was destined …To feel pride-shattering love for a manTo conceive a child with the “wrong man” just because he kissed herTo marry a noble, gentle man eleven years longerMaria was destined …To lose her fiancé of eleven yearsTo ask a man to dance with her, then ask him to marry her just because she kissed himMelody was destined …To fall in love with a man twenty years younger just because he kissed herTo have a baby at forty-twoTo find the still Presence of her Reality, who led her down a winding path to bring her safely back to Him

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Lisa Arquette


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