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The Non Proposal

Author: Juliet Jake
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What happens when you make a bet about a marriage proposal? But cupid has other plans…


What happens when you make a bet about a marriage proposal?But cupid has other plans…Maxine:My single friends need help, but they won’t listen. So, I bet them I can make a guy fall in love with me within 30 days, hook line and sinker. Marriage proposal and all. You see, it’s all about the chase. You have to do everything the opposite of what you think you should do. In other words, think like a man. Problem was the man I chose as an example, who happened to be infuriatingly hot, wasn’t complying. And he wasn’t exactly fitting into my expectations…Little did I know, the man I’d chosen, Kit Mayfield, had his owns plans, in direct opposition to mine. He was an expert at the game… and he never followed the rules.The Non Proposal is a romantic comedy that is sweet with heat and a whole lot of heart. No cliffhangers or cheating, just a hilarious, sizzling romance with a delicious happily ever after. Novella length, delectably yummy for binging.What Stays in Vegas is series of funny romances with heat and a whole lot of heart, all with a hilarious wedding theme. You’ll find everything from grumpy bosses to jilted brides to bets that backfire, and everything in between.

About Juliet Jake

Juliet Jake writes sizzling romance with heart, humor and heat. When she’s not writing, you can find her on the beach with her toes in the sand, drinking a Margarita and watching the world go by while she plans her next romantic adventure story.

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