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The Five Beyond Steel

Author: James Vesping
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Every legend and myth has an element of truth behind it. All or in part, they represent a piece of history. Sometimes, that history is more truth than myth.


Kiho Shimada is an archaeologist at a prestigious university, part of a research project for ancient texts. Upon deciphering a series of texts written in several forgotten languages with the assistance of an automated system, she comes under scrutiny for potentially defiling them. With her career on the precipice of disaster, she meets Genta, who can seemingly write in one of the forgotten tongues. He promises to show her the truth of the legends she has uncovered, but in order to do so she must meet his family – a family of gods.

About James Vesping

James Vesping is a former network technician, having worked in both the private and the government sector. He has worked in software and web development in both professional and hobbyist capacities, including several simulation projects for popular sandbox games. In 2015, he began writing novels as a hobbyist, which turned into a full time job by 2017. You can find him on the web at JamesVesping.com.

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James Vesping


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