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Spoken Memories of a Dying Princess and Other Stories

Author: Laura Kovaleski
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SPOKEN MEMORIES OF A DYING PRINCESS AND OTHER STORIES is a collection of three dramatic and personal flash fictions by Laura Kovaleski. More


SPOKEN MEMORIES OF A DYING PRINCESS is a collection of three flash fictions, all narrated by female characters. The stories are Dramas and Romance, with each one placed in different times and places.”Spoken Memories of Dying Princess” is the first story in the collection. A retelling of a real myth known as “Kotan Utunnai” from the native people of Hokkaido Island in Japan, the Ainu. This version is about love between enemies and the sacrifice Older Sister had to do to save Younger Brother.”American Dream”, is a tale about the life of Brazilian immigrants in America. The story follows Katia in her quest to get her favorite pizza in time and who she faces in her way. It dwells into the undocumented immigrant and xenophobia problem.”Cycles” follows Daughter, a girl who want anywhere other than the festival. This is a story about the relationship of Mother and Daughter, and the importance of facing your fears.

About Laura Kovaleski

Laura Kovaleski is a screenwriter of Romance, Drama, and Comedy. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing at Full Sail University. Her short script was produced by Creative Truth Studio in 2022, and she is a part of Full Sail’s creative writing club. In her free time, she likes to start new arts and crafts projects with her sisters and then abandon them.

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