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Sci-Fantasy Works from the Flight of the Maita

Author: C. D. Moulton
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5 books from the Flight of the Naita that lean to fantasy with a scientific explanation

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Now You See It – Now You Don’tThe crew are asked by Wahnee to investigate a planet that has disappeared – and they find one actually hasChangesThe son of Net, book five, decides to become a sorcerer. He is a decent person and this is the story of the time he was a young man until his old age.Gothic WorldMaita wants to make some overhauls and changes so Z goes to a world in a pre-industrial stage for a vacation.As one would expect, it’s a working vacation. There is something very wrong on this world – something that could prove disastrous in a century or so.Vacations Don’t Always Work OutA vacation on Tlorg results in the discovery of a scheme that could destroy the universe? Kurk joins the crew.Us BarbariansZ gets to be a barbarian when he, Kurk, and Thing (and later, the golems) go to a world to try to find why it is so cyclical for disaster.

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C. D. Moulton


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