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Save Our History

Author: Sue Muldowney
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Pippy is a fairy. She is only small but she is very brave and she is well respected and loved by all that know her. One day, all that she has known was being threatened . She had to do something about it ,but the world is a lot different than it once was .


Are you like me and are horrified sometimes, at the destruction of some of the Historical places in this world. I’m not talking about the big ones like the Louvre etc. I’m talking about the houses and buildings that have been standing for one hundred years or more that are being ripped up the land levelled and multi storied houses put up. They have no thought for habitats or wild places for wildlife. They take away the charm and character of these places. Without any thought of what they are destroying. Pippy a Fairy decides that’s not happening to her house.

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Sue Muldowney


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