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San Francisco Bay Area Baking Book

Author: Heike Daldrup
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The perfect gift for San Francisco residents, visitors and affiliates who are interested in a culinary journey through the Bay Area.


The San Francisco Bay Area Baking Book celebrates the beautiful scenery and culinary delights of the San Francisco Bay Area. This book is a feast for the palate and mind. The beautiful photos of the pacific ocean, sandy beaches and emerald-green hills of the San Francisco Bay Area enlighten the readers mind. The low-carb cake recipes are both delicious and healthy. As the birthplace of California’s farm-to-table food movement, San Francisco has a long tradition of creating healthy, tasty food. Each cake in this book combines sun-kissed fruits of Nothern California with long-kept secrets of European-style baking. Selected recipes range from easy-to-prepare instructions for the novice home baker to new inspirations for the experienced chef.

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Heike Daldrup


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