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Russians and Rubles

Author: Thomas Morgan
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Russians and Rubles is A Helen and Frank Story, the third in the series by Thomas Morgan



Russians and Rubles, the third installment of the Helen and Frank series by Thomas Morgan, takes our two stalwarts and their little band of conspirators through the tumultuous year of 2022.Amidst the disorder of Covid-19, crime, inflation, fentanyl overdoses, and a porous southern border, a new plague arrived in 2022: Vladimir Putin had his military invade Ukraine on February 28.Helen’s aggressive nature and Frank’s money laundering skills attract attention from the wrong people. They tangle with an assorted group of miscreants, including American mobsters, Wagner Group operatives, shady bankers, and ambitious federal investigators.Though Helen and Frank’s rural location in St. Albans, Missouri, insulates them from urban chaos, danger finds them. Their involvement with criminal elements here and abroad compounded their peril. With wealth and influence, anyone can eventually overstep. It happens to Helen and Frank. They had to learn their lesson the hard way.

About Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan Hyers, a practicing pulmonologist in St. Louis. He is in the same age group as the principal characters in the story, and he experienced the year 2020 in his medical practice and in his personal interactions with family and friends. He currently practices pulmonary occupational medicine and conducts clinical research with new pharmaceuticals. He wrote this story during the peak lockdown period when his practice was curtailed by Covid-19. In addition to his medical responsibilities and writing efforts, he likes to spend time with his family, garden and cook.

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