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Patchouli Memsahib

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At a time when Australia shunned Asia, a curious girl refused to accept the stuffy options on offer and reached out beyond her known world in search of love and more. This saga draws us into rich, unusual worlds raising issues that are still current.


Escape into a rich world of family intrigue and self-discovery that reaches across three centuries and across cultures. This unique tale draws us gently into itself but it also stimulates discussion about other important issues that remain current.At a time when Australia had its back turned on Asia and when White Australia buried its origins, a curious girl refused to accept the stuffy options on offer and reached out beyond the confines of her known world in search of love and something more. It began as an escape but became a much deeper quest. Her adventures took her from Australia to Bougainville, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and Thailand as she collided with love, betrayal, political flashpoints and destiny in a journey of metamorphosis.Given a pack of cards that dictate our gender, place of birth, time of birth, that can spell poverty, revolution, persecution or comfort, love and ease, how do each of us manage these and what chance is there of rising above them through the choices we make? Is our fate written? Do we let our shadows lead us to repeat our mistakes? What power do we have to create our own destiny? What is it that all human beings want most despite culture and so-called accidents of birth? Is it just to eat, pray and love or to give something more to the world around them?

About Fabia Claridge

Fabia Claridge now lives in Sydney. Patchouli Memsahib is her second novel. Her first novel To Hold The Mountain was published in 2004 and launched at the Ubud Writer’s Festival.

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