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Kindness, Capers, and Conundrums

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This book examines multiple situations that occur day to day that we often dismiss but which offer a lesson and encourage us to examine our own humanity. Cruelty and kindness alike exist. This book prefers to advocate kindness, still recognizing that there is the other side to our being.


About Aldyth Irvine-Harrison

Aldyth Irvine Harrison was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where she received her Secondary Education at St Hugh’s High School for girls. She studied at Concordia (Sir George Williams) and McGill universities. She taught many levels in the Quebec school system.It was her choir master, the late Brian Brice, and fellow chorister Dr. Thouria Bensaoula, who encouraged her to publish Patches in & out Two Centuries which was published in October 2010 by Éditions du Mécène, Beauceville, Quebec.Her concerns are about the careless handling of our Earth. The dignity of the Earth’s environment must be nurtured, respected and preserved. She enjoys telling stories and travelling to different parts of the world.She resides in Montreal, Quebec, with her husband Robert and family.

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Aldyth Irvine-Harrison


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