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Into the Dark

Author: D.L. Strand
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Would you sacrifice your soul to save the people you love? In this, the 2nd book the Tales From the Lighthouse series – Sam Freman and his best friend Max, have escaped the lighthouse, and are now home, safe. Or so they think. He soon discovers that a powerful evil has followed him home. And it’s got its sights set on his family and friends.



Would you sacrifice your soul to save the people you love?It’s 1982, Sam Freman somehow escaped from an abandoned lighthouse and the psychotic, murderous spirit bent on killing him.Now that he’s safely home, he’s ready to return to his old life – or so he thinks. Terrorized by horrifying, ghostly visions and crippling panic attacks, he figures out that a powerful evil has followed him home, and it’s going after his family and friends.Into the Dark is the second book in the Tales From the Lighthouse series. If you like spiritual possession, brutal action, and compelling characters in a heroic, underdog story, then you’ll love the latest installment in DL Strand’s gripping, horror saga.Check out Into the Dark today.

About D.L. Strand

DL Strand has been – among other things – an entrepreneur, a coffee roaster, and a filmmaker. He splits his time between Hollywood and the San Francisco Bay Area, where he and his wife Monika raised two amazing daughters. He’s worked all around the United States on various film and TV productions, but is happiest when he is at home, sitting in his jammie pants, in front of his computer, dreaming up horrible things.

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D.L. Strand


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