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Golden Hearts

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Every town has secrets. Prosper, Alberta, has more than most. Can Vern and Bertie’s love withstand the truth?

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Vernon Marshall travelled across Canada to start a new life. When his train was hijacked and crashed into a train station, it left Vernon with more bruises than he could count and a constant headache. He meets Alberta Jepsen and is taken by her, but is she strong enough to love him despite his family secret?Alberta—Bertie—Jepsen had a whirlwind romance when she was seventeen with Lief Persson. She married him two weeks later, only to be abandoned by him. Lief joined a gang of outlaws and was murdered, and half of Prosper thinks Bertie killed him. When she meets Vern, a charming and cheeky man ten years her junior, his handsome smile warms her heart, but she’s determined not to fall into another love-hazed folly.Bertie’s investigation into Lief’s murder unravels the fabric of Prosper.Every town has secrets. Prosper, Alberta, has more than most. Will Bertie and Vernon’s secrets tear them apart, or can they join forces and finally discover the truth?Golden Hearts is a December-May high-heat Canadian historical western romance with mild swearing. The author uses British spelling.

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Renée Gendron


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