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Friends of Friends: The Complete Series

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Join a group of friends – and friends of friends – as they find their perfect kinky matches in this complete M/M romance series. Contains 4 full length novels and one novella.


Join a group of friends – and friends of friends – as they find their perfect kinky matches in this complete M/M romance series.~*~ Winter Wonders: Jonathan Ashe plans to spend Christmas alone on the opposite coast, holing up to heal his broken heart. But when his car breaks down in the snow, he’s rescued by Cooper Kincaid, who convinces Jon to pretend to be his boyfriend for the holidays. As Jon and Cooper they spend time together, fake feelings start to turn real. Can Cooper convince Jon to take another chance on love?Taming Tristan: Seth Jackson is bet a life-changing sum of money that he can’t tame the notorious Tristan Taylor by Valentine’s Day. Despite Tristan’s snarky exterior, Seth becomes captivated during their sparring sessions. Can Seth win Tristan over and keep the bet a secret? Or will gambling with Tristan’s heart destroy any chance for love?Star Spanked: Celebrity chef and Englishman Sebastian Fox meets American model Ezra Whitfield in an anonymous adults-only club. Despite their age gap, they find themselves drawn to each other. But when Ezra wins a job at Sebastian’s new restaurant, will they be able to balance work and play to find happiness together?Haunted Hearts: Oliver West finds himself drawn to the arrogant, critical Lord Arden, despite a disastrous first weekend as the aristocrat’s service sub. As they spend more time together, Lord Arden’s icy exterior begins to melt, but he’ll be returning to England after a Halloween masquerade. Can Ollie persuade Lord Arden to share his haunted heart, or is he going to end up being ghosted?Champagne Charade: Tyler Blakely’s best friend is getting married on New Year’s Eve, but Tyler never got around to admitting that he broke up with his boyfriend – who is still a plus-one on the guest list. So when Tyler’s current hookup and Dom-on-demand, Damon Kirk, suggests he could stand in as the ex, Tyler jumps at the chance to save face. It’s only supposed to be pretend, but as they spend time together, Tyler and Damon start to feel something more. The clock is ticking down – but what if their charade isn’t just an act?~*~

About Leighton Greene

Leighton Greene hails from Australia, where she lives with her partner, an academic, and her trusty cockatiel. She’s been sharing her stories with the world since 2019, but she’s been writing for much longer. When she’s not busy crafting her next novel, Leighton can be found devouring tacos, scaring herself silly with horror movies, and exploring ancient worlds in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. She’s also known for having more book ideas than she knows what to do with. From steamy, passionate and dangerous, to funny and heartwarming, Leighton’s books offer unique, immersive storylines that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for complex characters, intense emotions, and plenty of heat!Find her online:www.leightongreene.com Newsletter: www.leightongreene.com/newsletterFacebook: www.facebook.com/leightongreeneauthorGroup: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeightonGreeneReadersSign up to Leighton’s mailing list (www.leightongreene.com/newsletter) for updates on her works and series, and the occasional freebie and sneak peek.

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