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Beyond This Grave

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My last novel was written for a select few. However, any of you who believes that you might die at some time during your life is encouraged to read this book. Considering different perspectives can prompt us to learn and grow as an individual. Contemplating death can be a sobering exercise, and sharing this with others can be cathartic.


Finally, I have offered a book without analogy, simile, or innuendo. This cuts right to the chase of the matter. I hope you can laugh, cry, and shudder as you enjoy this candid work.

About Adriel Chevalier

Adriel Jacques Chevalier descended from a French family that migrated to the Netherlands before immigrating to the United States.  His family’s vocation centered around the jewelry and watchmaking business for generations.  However, Adriel was never adept with handling the delicate parts of tiny machinery.  Instead, he turned his interests to the software industry that was just becoming popular in his young, adult life.  He found that logic and problem solving better suited his skills, and he excelled in his field.Adriel’s elder sister had taught him to read and write at the age of three.  Due to boredom suffered from structured learning, he sought to educate himself from his youth.  In his adult life he spent decades studying ancient history and various writings, mostly centering around Christian and Judaic literature.  Some of his studies he opted to conduct in the pre-translated, original language to gain a clearer understanding.  Always frustrated with the structure and politics of organized religion, he sought relationships according to the instruction of the Messiah, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst.”  Adriel recognized that the Messiah’s name was synonymous with his authority, which is Truth, and that any group larger than three brought annoying problems.Adriel and his fellows departed from the mainstream teaching of the established religions and embarked on a journey that led them on a quest for intrinsic Truth. Through many enlightening revelations and miraculous experiences, Adriel came to recognize that much of what is taught today concerning the Creator and his anointed one is rubbish. He forsook the erroneous cliches, rhetoric and discrepancies of the religious culture and embraced Truth, which is available to any man anywhere at any time.Although it was contrary to Adriel’s belief system to share his findings in a rhetorical document, in his latter years he decided to envelop them into works of fiction to be enjoyed by others.  He has developed several stories with elements of actual experiences and enlightenment for others to enjoy and ponder.

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Adriel Chevalier


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