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Arthur Templar and the Psychic Detectives

Author: Patrick Maher
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This is a children’s science fiction book that values maturing minds and enduring friendships. It’s an easy-to-read detective adventure full of mystery and surprise. It lends itself to reading aloud and would be an ideal fit in an upper primary or early high school setting.


Twelve-year-old Arthur Templar knows he is different. He can ripple the tunnel of time.But he has no idea that he is a Timethreader.He can read minds.He can talk to animals.He is not alone, even though he often thinks he is.Arthur’s two best friends also have unique powers.Erin has heightened psychic empathy. She is a healer.Torin has advanced abilities to see deep into hidden places from anywhere.They can also read minds and talk to animals.Are their psychic powers enough to stop a mysterious and dangerous Nibiruan rare earth mining operation from destroying Elderberry Valley and the star people living there?The young detectives are surprised, deceived and misdirected by the Nibiruan criminals, who prove to be devious and cunning. Can Arthur and his friends devise a plan to defeat these otherworld criminals? In the end, will they save their precious valley? How?

About Patrick Maher

Patrick Maher enjoys layered children’s stories of other times and other worlds that inspire and give pleasure to children and adults alike.His greatest reward would be to know that children and their parents and teachers were teasing apart some of the hidden layers in this novel.The Case of the Nibiru is his first Arthur Templar novel.The next novel in the series is set in a Psychic Academy and is currently titled The Mystery of the Secret Codex.

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Patrick Maher


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