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The Poisoned Pen Pal

Author: Julie Kortidis
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Disguised as a man, Lydia can get the career she wants and marry her best friend, Sarah.


While many women in 1908 accept their lot in life to marry, rear children, and run a household for their husbands, Sarah, the Kendallville Librarian, lives with her own private reasons to resist such a path. Despite having moved to Kendallville to “find a husband” alongside her best friend, Lydia, she has yet to allow any of the local men her favor.For her own reasons, Lydia also avoids tying herself to a man. While she yearns to do a “man’s job” of being a journalist, and for a fair wage, she faces rejection at every turn. That is, until the day she overhears whispers of a woman in another city doing the unthinkable… living as a man. She can’t possibly. Or can she?When the notion of donning men’s clothing and pursuing her dreams won’t leave her mind, Lydia begins scheming, much to Sarah’s simultaneous shock and burgeoning hope. Sarah, however, soon finds herself thrust into the center of a local murder investigation.With everything at stake, will Sarah and Lydia get their happily ever after together? Will the Kendallville Librarian survive her perilous endeavors and finally find peace with her female husband?

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Julie Kortidis


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