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The Dragon Protector

Author: J.R. Rain
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Kidnapped by a dragon shifter, I’m torn between saving his dying species and my forbidden love. But secrets and challenges threaten our romance as we defend dragons against humans who want them wiped out. Dragon shifter romance by bestsellers HP Mallory and JR Rain.

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Dragon shifter romance from bestsellers HP Mallory and JR RainI’ve been kidnapped and sold by Devon more times than I can count.But it doesn’t change the feelings I have for him, because each time he sold me to one sister and then the other, he did so for a reason that had everything to do with saving his kind.Yes, his kind as in… dragon shifters.And the dragon shifters are a dying species.Now Devon has made his feelings clear for me and he’s taken me under his wing, so to speak.Together, we face a problem—how to defend the dragons from the humans who want nothing more than to wipe them out.The only problem? Well, there are a few:The full-blooded dragons don’t want to fight, the shifter-dragons don’t want me involved in their business (namely because I’m human), and Devon still isn’t telling me everything.It’s those secrets that make me begin to realize that maybe these blossoming feelings we obviously share should be nothing more than pleasant dreams that can never be…

About J.R. Rain

About J.R. Rain:J.R. Rain is the international bestselling author of over seventy novels, including his popular Samantha Moon and Jim Knighthorse series. His books are published in five languages in twelve countries, and he has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

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J.R. Rain, H.P. Mallory


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