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Mysterious Life Of Kinture The Vampire

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The book is centered on the story of a hero named Kinture, whose life is turned upside down when he is forced to become something he despises, pursued, and islain. It is set in the West Indies during the Medieval Contact era, around 1500 A.D. If you like fiction, you’ve come to the right place because it’s a science fiction story. We hope your reading will be enjoyable.


After aggravating the chief of demons, who kills him and returns to the earth as another beast Kinture has been chasing and murdering his entire life, Kinture finds himself in difficulty. Will he be able to live with his people now that his life is changing without hurting them? Kinture must re-learn how to function as a typical human being if he is to avoid causing too much harm to his two wives, with whom he shares a home. Additionally, he must shield them from the devil’s head and other horrors. Will he be successful in doing this, or will he fail? Follow this fascinating tale as it continues.

About Daniel Butogwa

Three enthusiasts—Daniel Butogwa, Kelvin Tumelo, and Godwin Baraka—shared their passion for writing and created this captivating science fiction narrative as a result.

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Daniel Butogwa


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