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Looking Away

Author: Caroline Wood
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Short story. When real life doesn’t fit our templates or meet our expectations, do we reject, ridicule, or fear what spills beyond our carefully constructed normality? Is looking away enough? And are the myths we create a distraction from our own monsters?


About Caroline Wood

Writing has always come to me more easily than other ways of communicating. Not always helpful or convenient in real life… I still make up stories in my head, as I’ve done since childhood.Overheard snippets of conversation, or a random word can trigger a story. My brain seems to do this automatically.I like to explore the dark, strange or the unexpected behind apparently ordinary life. The nice curtains hiding a corpse on a rocking horse. That sort of thing. But I’m less drawn to blatant horror. Instead, I like to look into the unsettling sense of things being askew, unreliable. A little bit twisted.

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Caroline Wood


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