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First Earth

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Scarred and reviled. She fought inner demons for years, but now actual demons hunt her.


Scarred and reviled. She fought inner demons for years, but now actual demons hunt her.Agnes Ann Cavanaugh hates mirrors and herself. Horribly disfigured as a baby and constantly battling chronic pain, she struggles to find her worth in the world. Agnes has some weird talents; she can sense when people are lying, and she can read almost any language, even ones she’s never seen before.After years of home-schooling, Agnes is eager for an adventure. But the adventure she hoped for wasn’t the adventure she got. While she’s translating an ancient tablet, she triggers an attack by terrifying demons, and a portal opens, catapulting her to an enchanted realm. Barely able to catch her breath, she meets a strange old man who claims she’s a wizard destined to save his planet.But when Agnes magically determines he’s lying about something, she does not know who to trust. Now she must choose to master her latent abilities to defeat an evil necromancer or return home and hide from the demons.Will Agnes protect the people that desperately need her, or will the Necromancer steal her magic and enslave both planets using a massive demon army?First Earth is Book One in the fast-paced Arch Mage YA fantasy series. If you like wondrous creatures, heart-racing adventures, and underdog protagonists, then you will love Cami Murdock Jensen’s extraordinary journey.Buy First Earth to discover the greatness within today!

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Cami Murdock Jensen


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