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Angel on the Underground

Author: L. T. Hewitt
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Former teacher Rob searches for answers to the mysteries surrounding his school burning down.


When charity worker Rob discovers that the Moore Academy – where he once worked as a teacher – has suffered extensive fire damage, killing his former mentor, he embarks on a campaign against the demolition of the remains. In his investigations into the school, however, he discovers a number of inconsistencies, and two of his former partners/colleagues deny any knowledge of working with him. And a mysterious, angellic figure following Rob on his way to work may hold all the answers.

About L. T. Hewitt

Luke Thomas Hewitt was born on 20th June 1994 and has been bothered about it ever since. He began to convert this annoyance into books at an early age, and – upon discovering what it was – switched to writing instead. He started writing a book, aged 12, and came up with a plot a year later. His first novel, ‘The Fez’, was published when he was 17.

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L. T. Hewitt


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