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A wandering scarecrow in search of his past helps a lost harpy child find her family. Discovering her flock wrongfully imprisoned in a nearby town, they team up with a teddy and a pair of wisps to uncover the true thief and stop them before both flock and town are lost.


Wander is a scarecrow, a lost child of the Realm who gradually lost his memories until nothing was left but a straw-filled husk. After a chance encounter leads to Wander remembering his name, a wild wisp leads Wander from the safety of his field to a young, black-feathered harpy separated from her flock. They search for the flock only to find them imprisoned in the nearby farming community of Jardinfae, blamed for the theft of the wisps that protected the town. Joined by the town’s gruff teddy sheriff, Wander and his friends search across the fields of Jardinfae, the trees of the Patchwork Woods, and into the depths of the Lumen Mountains in hopes of finding the lost wisps so they can vindicate the flock and ultimately save Jardinfae from a threat that seeks to purge the light from the town forever.

About Michael James Wilbur

I’m a an author of light fantasy and science fiction novels, my first being ‘A Dreamer’s Knight’ and my latest being the soon-to-be-released ‘Wisp’. While larger themes may appear in my work, I’m simply out to provide an enjoyable experience to my readers … and possibly a brief escape from the confines of this reality. I call myself a Dreamer, and while I lack the abilities of the Dreamers of the Elsewhere Incorporate, I do my best to leave things better than I find them, be it at home, at my secondary job, or in the world at large. Don’t know if I’m really having an effect on any of those, but to try is the thing as far as I’m concerned. I sincerely hope you enjoy my work, and hope that you’ll let me know if you do by writing a review.

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Michael James Wilbur


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