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Wino Piles – Mobile Dumpster

Author: SA Andrews
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WINO PILES – 2,400+ Words Humor, Americana Family, Short-Read, 80s Fiction. Written in 1988: “Critical thinking goes out the window when a yuppy family encounters a baby rhino.” It all seems logical for the family of six living in the 1980s.


Wino PilesMobile DumpsterAnother story grew from an absurd image as I drove to a lunch date with my wife. Later that day it turned into a fun adventure cloaked in the Mid-Town lifestyle of the time. Produced on an outdated computer and printed on perforated paper, just less than state-of-the-art for the time, it became reality. Wino’s a funny, satirical, improbably situation inside an affluent family living the dream until they adopt an impractical pet. This group suffers a common split in perspective regarding animals and humans. With oversized pet problems, how would you deal with this complex family situation? A humorous outcome cannot be avoided once an improbable decision seems logical to those involved. 2,400+ words

About SA Andrews

Revenge is an evil mistressRetired, remote Mid-West living. Married. Children. DogThe first offering Love Gone Murder a 3-part series. The first story Adelphi-Mysterious Man approx. 9,400+ words. The second Even-Peabody’s Revenge approx. 8,000 words+. County Line Murder-Tragic Threesome, a novel approx. 67,000 words.My Short Stories range from 1-page to 100-page worksLife’s mysteries find those bold enough to seek.Urban to Isolated- USA, Europe, Asia finds its way into my works.Fiction – Mystery, Contemporary, Pulp, Humor, Sci-Fi, Americana, Slice of Life, Fantasy, PhilosophyNovels, Novellas, Short Reads, Short Stories First Series- LGM is a gritty venture into emotions on overload. Adelphi images are copyright of SA Andrews.Stock photos copyright 123rf .com Wanda carlodapinoStanysbrandcosijn

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