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Warlock of the Magus World: Chapter 1-102

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What happens when a scientist from the world of the future is reborn in the world of magic and knights?


Fang Ming, a cutting-edge scientist, suffered a devastating failure in his experiment, causing the reactor to malfunction and, as expected, the scientist’s death. But instead of the expected oblivion, Fang Ming received perhaps the luckiest ticket in anyone’s life – he was reborn in a new world inhabited by magic, ancient creatures and medieval life. Brilliant mind, powerful assistant, I.I. The chip, which is firmly connected with Fang Ming when he was a scientist, a new name and an insane desire to come to the top of the Mage World – this is what will help and move Fang Ming, better known as Leylin Farelier, on his way to the depths of knowing the truth.Strength is just a tool, nothing more.


What are you saying here?I love wild, divine things. I am a bookish hrobak, with a strong reflex between the completed reading of a book and the beginning of a new one. Monsters can be beautiful. Reality can make you walk long and short. Kokhanets, fighter and posterigach for movie monsters. Take away the satisfaction and enjoy the price…

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