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Two Vampires and a Government Agency Part 1: Spirit Night

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Corporal Barnett, a buffalo soldier out of Fort Bayard, is leading a scouting trip to keep an eye on the local Apaches when he finds something far more dangerous than any man.


About Jeremiah Donaldson

Jeremiah Donaldson is a science fiction/horror writer, editor, game designer, free thinker, corporate slave, and overly blunt commentator that grew up in rural Kentucky and lived in Florida for 13 years before moving back in 2008.When he’s not working…whatever, he always works, let’s start that over. When he’s not playing his part as a cog in the machine for the specified number of hours per week, or doing housework, or planting fruit trees in preparation for the climatic meltdown we’re forcing upon the planet, he strings together words for peoples’ enjoyment.

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Jeremiah Donaldson


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