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The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners

Author: Liat Scheffer
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1800 Days of Delicious & Healthy Mediterranean Recipes to Change Your Eating Lifestyle, 90-Day Meal Plan to Help You Build Healthy Habits


Would you like to have a healthy lifestyle without giving up the food you love?The Mediterranean diet is considered the healthiest diet in the world because it incorporates a healthy lifestyle with delectable recipes that will tickle your palate.A flexible diet throughout the day, therefore easier to follow than any other diet: I will teach you, step by step, how to create the real daily lifestyle of the Mediterranean Diet.This complete cookbook will bring you the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet to enjoy the weight loss process in the simplest way.Here’s what you’ll find inside:✅ The advantages of the Mediterranean Diet: prevention of the most common diseases with a long-term diet because there is no need to change one’s eating habits.✅ The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners. You will discover the essential basics to know about the Mediterranean Diet, with all the foods to include and those to avoid✅ My amazing tips will help you reduce your weight by starting to eat healthily. A new daily lifestyle that will make you even stronger and more active.✅ The secrets to burning fat by eating appetizing dishes without affecting the results achieved✅ The Best Nutrition Guide That Will Boost Your Weight Loss Process!✅ A complete flexible meal plan in 90 days: broken down by type of meal.✅ Over 230 delicious recipes with detailed instructions and photos: cooking and preparation times, ingredients, preparation, and nutritional data.✅ Beautiful images for every Recipe!and much more!This book will help you change your lifestyle by simply practicing and using all the recipes of the Mediterranean Diet contained in this book.

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