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Realm of the Jinn

Author: Vinn Winters
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A cataclysmic event grants teens the magical powers of the jinn; but can superpowers keep them safe? Something lurks in the shadows, something vicious.


Chris thought his life was going to be normal, but then a devastating phenomenon obliterates his entire town and changes the world as he knows it…Cut off from the outside world, Chris, his best friend Chelsea, and the other survivors make an amazing discovery: they have become Zelphierns, part-human, part-jinn, with the power to harness and utilize the ambient energy of the universe. But can superpowers keep them safe? Ferocious monsters stalk them in the night, and otherworldly spirits haunt their dreams. Something has awakened in the shadows, something vicious.Traveling through realms of wonder, beauty, and horror, Chris must learn to harness the full extent of his powers, and learn the secret of the heart of the jinn to save all that he cares about.

About Vinn Winters

From scaling ancient temples, to swimming through Ocean reefs, Vinn Winters loves to chase adventure. When he’s not traveling across the world, he has two cats that bully him constantly, reminding him that he probably wouldn’t last five minutes in one of his books. He enjoys relaxing over a hot cup of coffee, playing cards, video games, or reading a good story.

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Vinn Winters


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