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Oh Grow Up: Toddlers to Preteens Decoded

Author: Kathy Fray
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OH GROW UP explains each age stage of childhood development, health and nutrition and personality. The result is a remarkable fusion of ordinary old-school middle-of-the-road methodologies with extraordinary old-age new-age philosophies.


OH GROW UP: Toddlers to Preteens Decoded is the ever-popular sequel to Kathy Fray’s first book OH BABY: Birth, Babies & Motherhood Uncensored, which has been the #1 best-selling childbirth/infant guidebook in her country since 2005.OH GROW UP is a true breath of fresh air for parents who wish to holistically parent their child from a triadic Body-Mind-Essence perspective … believing their child not to be just a Body needing good nutrition and a Mind needing stimulating education. OH GROW UP is for parents who enjoy thinking outside the square because they recognise their child has a unique mind/emotions/essence/spirit/soul – whatever you wish to define it as – that also needs their parental guidance.OH GROW UP is divided into four main sections:The Age-Stage Overviews: Five comprehensive chapters explaining the usual physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development from 1–12yr olds … this is the fundamental information every parent needs.Children’s Bodies – Parenting using Physiological IQ: A fantastically exhaustive resource providing information on holistic health, and wholesome nutrition, plus an expansive A–Z on natural remedies and therapies of health and wellness treating dis-ease and ill-health.Children’s Minds – Parenting using Intellectual IQ: An incredible ‘wholistic’ in-depth overview to understanding children’s unique individual Personalities, plus detailing the four new IQs that today’s children need to be well equipped with.Children’s Spirits – Parenting using Soulful IQ: The final exciting section of this leading-edge guidebook, explains Parenting’s 21 Magical Secrets, and – perhaps most importantly of all – the 21 Universal Principles all children need to learn, to have them brilliantly equipped as young adults to launch into the rest of their lives!’Kathy Fray really gets it. Her parenting philosophy is holistic, centred and well-grounded, and her views on nutrition and wellbeing are informative and inspired.’ — Allison Roe MBE, world record marathonerAbout the AuthorKathy Fray has been her country’s #1 best-selling childbirth, infants and mothering author since 2005, with her ever-popular book OH BABY … Birth, Babies & Motherhood Uncensored.From public demand for a sequel, five years later (and after several years of research and manuscript drafting) her truly unique next book OH GROW UP was published.Today, apart from being a parenting writer, Kathy is also a senior midwife who created the MothersWise.com resources, including the ground-breaking advanced prenatal online education program MotherWise.app.Additionally, Kathy is the founding director of IIMHCO (Intl Integrative Maternity HealthCare Org), a global thought leader on Perinatal Integrative Medicine.

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