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Notes of a Lively Journey

Author: Arjen Broens
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As my travels through time and space brought me onto my 60th year in this body on this planet, I collated my thoughts on several subjects and have put them in this book. Snippets to be read in parts or as a whole, to make you think about certain steps in life and be at peace with yourself and your Self. Enjoy this life, enjoy this journey.


Here you are, on this bridge between your old life, which you know and will give you More of the Same and the other side: your origin, which is scary as you don’t know where you’re heading to, you haven’t been there for so long.And something inside tells you to read on, somehow encouraging you to follow the white rabbit, all along into the rabbit hole, this niggling feeling that there is more to life than just following the herd.This book guides you through the rabbit hole, actually back the way you came, from this façade, this circus and this illusion of a life that seem to be ok but not fully, back your origin.The best way to go forward is to read a chapter a day and lay this book aside and for half an hour, munch, digest on what has been said, investigate it in yourself, come to your own conclusion about what has been put in words here. Find your own way in what has been said.Invest 30 minutes of you day, every day, to improve yourself, read and realign with who you really are, reading this, then put it away and go over the essence inside yourself, how it resonates with you or not. Keep looking, seeing how it works in you, this brain, this thing called mind.Then go back into this thing called Your Life and live it as you do. Change will happen for the good, as long as you actively, inside, want to invest and investigate to get a better life.In the occasion that you feel confusion about if the mind exists or not in what is said here: it depends on your state whether you feel and believe there is a mind. Therefore, it is state dependent to talk of mind interfering with you or that it is just an illusion. Certain parts land better to talk of a mind as if it exists because that’s what you believe, to be able to guide you to a mindless state where you will see that it’s a projection, that’s causing you not to get “there”, suffering.There is a lot of repetition here because the old coat is not willing to let go that easy, same stuff said in a different way, on purpose, to find what is in tune with you. Grinding granite with drops of water, the drops need to be in the exact same place to work, over and over again.The result is a better life, in tune with reality not because I know you, I don’t, but I do know that our brain and the conditioning in the shape of our old coat, is quite the same in me and you and everyone else so therefore the principle and mechanism is the same in everyone, the details are not.Find this out, so you can use the same lever as I found, to change your heavy, old coat into a far more effortless and rewarding one, the one that is already underneath the old one, your home.Rewarding in a non-attached way, not because I wrote this book, because you know, deep inside, you are doing the right thing here in a society that does not want you to go there, back to your original self, undiluted, uncovered, pure, plain right and see truth as it is, not my truth or the neighbors’ truth, truth full stop, reality as it is, regardless my position, status or bank account balance, nature’s truth, What Is.Your core self will not change as it is fine as it is, you know it is, always has been from the day you were born into this world. You know it. That’s why you are here, now. Time to address the niggly bit.Actively being, no more pretending or playing The Game, no more going along the Old Road.So, nothing to lose… enjoy this great journey, you’re going home, where you already are….I can only show you the door.

About Arjen Broens

Born in The Netherlands, moved to The Highlands in Scotland on the evening of 11-11-2008, didn’t look back. From Edinburgh to Inverness, living in the middle of no where, deer and nature all around.Started to look within to find what was under the false personality which, as a child, I felt, was there to cope with the world of grown ups around me from a very young age.When the 1st 3 years of my life were full on encouragement to laugh, walk, talk, pursue to experience when it all changed into correction, telling me what not to do without telling what I could do from 5 years onwards.I started to see that we all are caught in this merry-go-round, this appearance we hold up and started to write books where, in the past I had my diaries to get me through.Aikido came into my life after a few lessons Jiu-Jitsu to gain confidence where I firmly decided not to want any killing reflexes in this body I left Jiu-Jitsu for Aikido which changed my life entirely in a very good way.Books were coming to me at the right time: NLP got me into the right mind set and bumped into it in a second hand book store during a holiday in Ireland for just under a Euro.I chose to invest 30 min each day from then on to change me into who I am: confident, unattached, competent and self assured with life, nature and animals. Pure self and learned from there to listen to my heart with my mind as a worthy advisor to what’s going on out there. Thoughts are just options.Started to publish my books in 2013 after both my parents passed away on a very respectable age.Sharing my thoughts and later, my experiences without thought infecting my being, understanding thought and how it is hijacked out there from a very young age and to keep you away from your core inside: the real you you are.Enjoy my experiences in this life, written down for whoever has support by them or fall into your lap as books fell to me without a search, life just happens.Discovered that the real reality is the life support system out there: no books, no gods, no symbols, no religions, no past, no future, just nature as it is is enough, always perfectly on time although our egoic state of mind will disapprove…What Is is now and moving fast into a new now, no time to think as thinking is way to slow to get the real and exact signals, impulses into our senses.working in construction in the heart of the Highlands, meeting great people on sites and elsewhere.Enjoy life.

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