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Not Just Another Cabin in the Woods

Author: Les May
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Angelzarke – it is said a fabulous treasure lies buried in its grounds. Angelzarke – the home of a sect that believed if you gave up sex you could live forever. Angelzarke – a place where young girls were brutally murdered a century apart. Angelzarke – not just another cabin in the woods! Visit Angelzarke. It will change your life.


Happiness is universal – unhappiness is unique. Milne and Jessabel were on the last inch. Whether it was the last inch to save their marriage or thrust the knife deeper in each other only time will tell.They have gone to Angelzarke, a cabin in the woods that over a century ago was the home of a sect led by Mother Peggy. She claimed she was the daughter and then the child of God. She banned sex, seized their goods and became the world’s first non binary eco warrior ruling over their own Eden.Milne and Jesssabel take MyClaire, their mute daughter with them, hoping a change of scene will cure her. The cabin begins to affect them all. There is treasure buried in the grounds, they confront the treasure hunters one day, there is the menacing presence of a tall bearded stranger. They find bodies of children that died in horrific circumstances. Their only friend seems to be Paul Girling but does he know more about that old cabin in the woods than he is saying?Could a serial killer be operating a century apart? Are there still some believers? Slowly the old cabin in the woods begins to give up its secrets of kidnap, incest, murder and strange religious rites.

About Les May

Les May is a writer working in many genres and is based in England.

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