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No Handicaps – The Life Philosophy of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe

Author: Tom McAuliffe
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NO HANDICAPS is the innovative Life Philosophy of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe


Here is the uplifting true-life philosophy from a book first written in 1938 and edited by his grandson Tom Patrick McAuliffe II. One of the original positive-thinking proponents his “No Handicaps” approach has touched thousands of people via articles, appearances and broadcasts. Among his many accomplishments, he:•Played with Golf Legends Jones, Hagan and Palmer•Played Golf in 49 states, Australia, Canada in one year.•Tommy McAuliffe also promoted rehabilitation laws and testified before Congress.•He was a Public Speaker, Reporter, Writer, Magazine Publisher, Father and Grandfather.Tommy McAuliffe’s life outlook of overcoming tragedy with grit and humor via Golf and the will power of the mind proves his theory that “the only real handicap in life is a mental one.” It can benefit all who read it. A leader in the fight for equal rights for the disabled, his inspiring outlook and ‘tough love’ will delight Golfer and non-Golfer alike!

About Tom McAuliffe

Tom Patrick McAuliffe is a Author living on Florida’s Emerald Coast with his wife Sharon and cat Gigi. He is a former Photojournalist with the US Navy’s Combat Camera Group and a graduate of the DOD’s Mass Communications program at Syracuse University. A magazine Editor and Writer with more than 25 years of by- lines he has written four new books;•Mr. Mulligan-The life of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe•NUTS! The Life of General Tony McAuliffe•Throttle Up! Teacher Astronaut Christa McAuliffe•MAD DOG! Detroit Tiger Dick McAuliffeQ1 2023 will see the final book of the 5-book ‘McAuliffe Series’… •Life of the Party- Virgina Govenor Terry McAuliffe

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