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Lunanity Love Life Cult Love Letter for Luna Book 36

Author: Steve Howard
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There it is, the last book in the story. Second Genesis gets its proper last 18 chapters. That was the main goal. We had a few other story lines that brought us joy and understanding. We told the muse of this love letter we love her. We being our characters. We all have many we can draw from after billions of years of life. And we know, without any doubt, for we have slaughter that sorry critter


546. We messed up our day. It is only for future reference. Turn to book 36 day 546. And it came to pass that Hannah Hamlet had many children running about. And on Eden there were hockey finals and soon a tour of Barbancor. The southern parts.547 Ice Bears won in the 3rd overtime and Hannah has her handmaid sit on Esau’s, her father, face. She does leave them to it. Waits at the bath. And later Luna and Ruth, Esau’s true wives, as we later called such relationship, had a night out by Lake Galilee.548 Last hockey game for our crew on Eden. Esau of the wild is having sex with Ruth to make a baby. And the world is about to start.559 Our eleven travellers have started their good-bye, come to Alexandria if you please tour of Barbancor. They are on canal 33 on their way to meet I Thought You Would Never Ask. A sailing yacht. A conscious and intelligent vessel. Can include an avatar.No surprise in Hannah Hamlet, more work on the cheese house and Esau of the Wild is making a baby love dedication to Ruth, his woman, the sister of Luna.560 Our travellers are on a little island for the night. For fish and fun. Esau and Anna Lucia are on a job. And are naked in their hotel. Lilly is not upset or possessive. However. She does call up Charlotte.“What. The slut.”561 Esau does Britney. A mother of two. And a free woman. She is not trying to kill him but something like it. And the travelling team has landed on an uninhabited island. If you count only humans.562 In Hannah Hamlet, life goes on and Esau gives Megan the holy spirit treatment. And Anna Lucia and Esau have their man on a boat on their way to USA. Namor and Luna Sophia had a nice walk around a secluded island before breakfast. The weather is great. My Love.563 Esau and some of his people are visiting the King of Gomorrah. Selling cheeses, hunting for a feast and Megan is dominating the Lord’s desires. Meanwhile, as they say, in another time and space, the eleven are now up on a mountain and Luna Sophia has received a string from her mother. The make a fire question.564 The passing and quantity of madness is accelerated and increased as we go along. Lilly took Charlotte and George to dinner. Esau and Anna Lucia are on a boat still. And we can’t confirm the story of the shooting of the ram. It might be partly astrological. One age must go so the new one can come.“That’s stretching it.”565 We are starting to wrap shit up. Our travelling team on Eden are south of Snow City now. And Esau and crew are visiting Sarah and Abe. Some philosophy is usual, in case you have not noticed. The idea of this book, one of them, is to change your mind. You and me. For it has, they have, been stuck in a rut.566 Esau and Anna Lucia are back home. Ping is taken by the secret people of government. Esau of the Wild is talking business with cousin Horus, the acting lord of Amamamabamba’s estate. Now focused on cheeses. Holy cheeses will change your world, cousin Horus. And the other crew are, is, at Little Barbaralba’s town. Better call it a city. Happy reunion.567 A feast in Sodom. Peace through cheeses. There is real history in that. And so too with sex. Yes, Charlotte is a beautiful little slut and Esau did not think to resist. For why the fuck would he. If Lilly wanted him to avoid, oh, never mind. It is of no matter. There is also a big party planned in Gadavida. Instead of a stage for burning foreigners and witches, our history, music and love. They too had cheese but it was nothing new. The ring world was.568 parties in the past and in the future. The important occurrence, no surprise to those who have read the bible. The Holy Scriptures as they were called until the Christians figured they would claim ownership. A lie. But never mind. Two brothers meet and hug and laugh. What is righteous. In the eyes of the goddess. Trillions of them.

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Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1960. Moved to London, Ontario, Canada in 1967. Started playing hockey and piano. Went to Sir Wilfred Laurier High School and played the trumpet.Studied Architectural Technology at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Sciences. Started playing guitar and writing a little. On a trip to the mountains in 1982 with a friend I decided, or was awakened to the knowledge that I was going to pursue writing. Graduated 1984 and moved to Toronto.Moved to Saarbrücken, Germany in 1993.Have traveled many places in North, Middle and South America and Europe.Besides reading and writing also work on photography and music.

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