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I Said I Hate You But I Lied (BOOK 1)

Author: NovelCat
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My father died on the day of my wedding because he forced my husband to marry me.


Who hates who?Lynette Montenegro, her father died on the day of her wedding. She’s blaming her fiance for all the misfortune that came to her.The man is the mastermind for abducting her on the day of their wedding day. He wanted her killed.David San Diego hated the fact that Lynnette Montenegro set him up, a reason for him to marry her. To his surprise, the woman eloped with someone else during their wedding day.How much hate would they have for each other if they found out the truth? Who set them up naked and found them in the bedroom? Who’s the mastermind of the kidnapping that happened to Lynnette?Will Lynnette confess how much she loves him? And can David finally be true to himself and admit how much he misses her?

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