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Healing Trauma

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Life dishes out a pile of shxx to many people. Often we just stuff our trauma, and hurtful emotions inside and never speak about them or do anything to resolve them. This has a negative effect on your personal energy. It is like an energy block. This book presents a wide variety of ideas to try to help you work out your issues and bring them to life.


The effects of trauma are understated for people who have faced addictions and incarceration. Therapy is a great option to begin healing. For many, a great therapist with time for sessions is simply not available.Behaviors that allowed you to survive your trauma hold you back today from success.Ambriel Divine presents a book that highlights many ‘errors in thinking’ that are left from early trauma responses. To overcome these patterns in thinking and behavior, Ambriel offers new affirmations that focus on safety and healing. Meditating on these new, positive affirmations can help to re-program your brain to help you succeed in life’s challenges.

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