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Hacking Probability: Create Your Own Luck. Never Be Frustrated Again.

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You need to create your own luck in life to truly live. By doing so you’ll eliminate frustration from your life and focus on achieving your goals. This book is your tool to help you with the framework you need to be lucky.


Life is an unbearable experience when you don’t have luck. You only watch others live their lives, and you only exist to complain and fail. You’ve seen people who succeed at everything they do, and you wonder where their luck comes from. You have ambitious goals you want to accomplish, but it seems impossible for you do so.This book shows you how those who seem lucky have created their luck, and more importantly, how you can create your own. You are capable of reaching your goals. You are here to live, not just exist. You only need to create your own luck, eliminate frustration, and enjoy what your short life has to offer.Some ideas covered in this book:1.Luck can be created by anyone; you only need to know how.2.Avoid unlucky people, they will infect you.3.Stop worrying, it doesn’t work.4.you must create your own self-made motivation.5.Enjoy the process towards your goals, it will transform you.6.Your attitude determines how others treat you.7.Take full responsibility of your life to have true freedom.8.Your emotions must not control your actions.9.Invest TIME, MONEY, and ATTENTION, don’t SPEND them.10.Before you die, do what you’re here for.WHO THIS BOOK IS FORThis book is for you, if you want a better way to solve your problems, not to eliminate them. If you want a way to enjoy the process towards your goals, not to avoid it. YOU WANT TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS ON YOUR OWN, NOT TO AVOID THEM.With more self-made luck, you can do more than you have done. You can achieve more than you have achieved. There are no limits to what you can do. You only need to give yourself permission to do so. CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK.NEVER BE FRUSTATED AGAIN.

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