“Gita” has always intrigued me to the core, probably because of its powerful presence in our religious upbringings or perhaps simply because of its different narratives & commentaries from various commentators from different walks of life over the several centuries gone by.So, until now we understand Gita from the stand points of its writer (“To Each to its Own”) & reason for that is the usage of words (in any translation/commentary). The use of heavy vocabulary, demotivates the regular reader.It’s not that it is wrong, rather in my view it’s because of the fact that Gita has such heavy-duty Sanskrit words, which conveys more then just the meaning of the word itself, so it is difficult for any translator to convey the same message in easier words.And I have to admit that it is extremely difficult to translate & convey the meaning of these powerful Sanskrit words in easy English.Still, I have tried in my own humble way to narrate “Gita” as it is or the way Shri Hari has inspired me to write using day-to-day words, so that every reader can interpret in their own simple way (“My Gita, My Understanding”).

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