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Digital Signal Processing

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BE/B.Tech students of All University with latest syllabus for ECE, EEE, CSE, IT, Mechanical, Bio Medical, Bio Tech, BCA, MCA and All B.Sc Department Students.


Signal:Signal is a function of one or more independent variables which contain some information.Eg: Radio signal, TV signal, Telephone signal etc.System:A system is a set of elements or functional block that are connected together and produces an output in response to an input signal.Processing: Operations performed by the system on the signal is called processing.Types of signal processing:1.Analog signal processing.2.Digital signal processing.Analog signal processing: In this processing input signal, output signal and the system are all analog in nature.Digital signal processingDSP is the processing of signals by digital systems.Input and output signals are also digital in nature. Advantages of DSP:1) Easy storage 2)Accuracy 3) Flexibility 4)Reprogrammability Applications of DSP: 1)Military 2)Speech & Image Processing 3)Telecommunication 4)Biomedical 5)Instrumentation & Control

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