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Dark Hallways, Volume 2

Author: Rosey Frost
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The second volume of urban legends and paranormal happenings by award-winning author, Rosey Frost, Dark Hallways, Volume 2, is strangely unique.


“I remain aboard this mess. I will stay aboard this mess. Peace shows the way to live: With war comes pain and death. Never learning or understanding what I have planned, they will build my residence as I commanded. Dwelling high above the inhabitants of the Earth in the Tower, I will be vigilant and oversee all I have created. Until I find it displeasing, it will be my home. Then, I will leave. I will tear down the Tower and overfill the ground with water. Foul incarnation and virgin conception will follow, replacing me in my earthly absence.” The God of Ziggurat.When someone is all alone surrounded in darkness or has a unique type of fear, it is often the case they have subverted to misunderstanding something even to the point of madness. A society based on super-ego has no room for those who do not fit the mold.In the insanity of lonesome isolation, people tend to rely on a false syndrome their minds develop to replace this desolate feeling of being detached with something of substance. It does not matter what the substitute reality is, as long as it helps to alleviate or assuage the pain. Myths and legends are born from a need to replace the unknown with a grandiose scheme or plan meant to explain the unexplainable. Urban legends have come and gone, but are also part of the genre of the bizarre.In some cases, however, there is no alternative reality to be found and there is no fantastic story to sensationalize. Documented proof cannot be replaced by conjecture. There is no trick of the mind that can cure harsh facts. But what if the facts themselves only lead the mystery seeker to a further dilemma? What if the facts are outside the norm or strange?When the outcome goes against all logical inquiry, it leads one back into the stagnant light of solo darkness. It is at this point, it would be better to keep the mind from wandering down these corridors. It may threaten to redefine your understanding of eternal love. Do not dare to fall asleep in the macabre, dark hallway. You may never wake up.

About Rosey Frost

“Rosey” Ian Frost is an author of vision. He was involved in the first war in Iraq. Before the time he spent in service to his country, he was a professional journalist in western America. He now resides in Europe. See Rosey on YouTube at https://youtu.be/leA6yWPTpyM (Copy and Paste to Browser).

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